Friends of suspended rest,

I got tired of hauling gear AND a super duper 4-season tent And crawling on the ground. When I read an ultra light back packing book about hammocks I googeled my fingers raw. Thanks Shug (woohee budy) and others.

Trying to find something to buy all I found domestically was the Exped Ergo.
So I got some. Yes, its heavy and just long enough for me (5'11" / 179cm)
but it IS a lot lighter then my tents.
No more crawling or looking for flat ground.
Since I got it last fall I got more then 30 nights hanging.
Over the weekend my son and I was snug through a snow blizzard in Denmark.
I have replaced stock suspention and ridge line with dyneema. When its raining i set the tarp first with seperate tree slings.

I use sleeping pads for insulation and cover the inside with a 1/8" s 3mm EVA foam to avoid cold spots. I use regular (down) sleeping bags.

Saving more weight and a faster setup is a priority.
Retaining comfort in 4 seasons is a must

Got lots to learn.
All the best,