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    I set up my hammock and find a place for my riding boots, which is a big deal since they are dirty and smell bad. You also dont want some kritter draging one off in the middle of the night or them full of water if it rains.

    It was a nice camp and with easttex joining us we had somthing other than motorcycles to talk about. We coverd hammocks also !

    We all seemed to have a good night, thoes of us hainging seemed to be a bit chipper the next morning.

    We start packing up for the days ride.

    Dutch is ready to go.

    Our 65 mile ride home was a little over 100 by the time we got there. and Dutch only had another 80-90 farther than the rest of us. But it did not seem to bother him.

    A good time was had by all, a little welding and the bikes were as good as new. Plans are being made for the next ride, and we may have another hainger if the rumers that Dutch was on his phone looking up hammocks in the middle of the night since he could not sleep. He was also claming it was my snoring keeping him up.

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    Great video, Easttex, I enjoyed it. Fine shot of my mystery meat and tortilla sandwich!
    Also enjoyed meeting and talking with you.
    I had a great time for my first hang away from my back yard.

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