Hey everyone, my name is vagabondcorder or Shane Grams and I am from Southern Mn. I just purchased my first hammock a couple weeks ago and it has been hanging in my basement since. I am married, a boiler operator and paracord crafter. I also work the weekends at a flea market selling my bracelets, lanyards, and bookmarks. I wanted a simple system to use at the market for camping out the night before at the flea market. This is perfect and I am phyched to get my weekends going again. I purchased a Kijaro double hammock and since have puchased whoopie slings and tarp systems. Also, I have been making alcohol stoves and cookpots ever since. I thought it funny to watch Shug on youtube and he is from 'Sota, and by the way he has the best videos! Finally, a person with more energy than me! Peace to you all! Later, Vagabondcorder(Shane).