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    Quote Originally Posted by WV View Post
    This has been interesting. It's a credit to the enthusiasm of all the DIY folks, but I think it speaks volumes about the integrity of the cottage industries, too.

    Our own March Madness could have been similar. It would have been very easy for gear makers to round up votes for their products, but sanity prevailed. I expect they were all too busy putting thought and energy into maintaining the quality of their goods and the satisfaction of their customers.
    Very well put. I would also add that it speaks to the quality of the DIY'er to have the enthusiasm and patience to make a nice product they(we) can be proud of. This is not initself due to our unique camping style, just that our "beds and homes" in the woods allow us to use our noggins for more than just a hat holder. And it's easier to make than yesterdays logo change . GO DIY.
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