Hello guys and gals, my name is William and I am a total hammock noob, fresh off the ground! I got to try a hammock for the first time last 4th of July and have been researching them since. I finally caved in and bought one this week, ordered a Blackbird XLC DBL 1.1 for and got an OES MacCat Deluxe for my Tarp. I decided to try hammock camping because I like to do a little kayak river camping and also would like to do more backpacking/hiking trips. Thanks to everyone on HF for all the good information and videos (Shug love the videos bud!) and for helping me decide on what hammock to get. I hope I made a good choice for a good 3 season setup. If anyone has any good first time tips for a noob I would love to hear them before my first time out. I have a Couple weeks before my hammock arrives! I can't wait!