I am a pediatric pharmacist and I live in St. Petersburg Florida. Two weeks ago it was a beautiful day here and I decided to take a nap in my Ikea hammock. It was relaxing. Then I started wondering what it would be like to really sleep all the time in a hammock. Well, for the last 2 weeks I have been learning all I can about hammocks. I an 67 years young and love to camp. Unfortunately my partner of 36 years hates to camp and thinks that I am crazy to want to sleep in a hammock. Since he will not give up the bed I have to find another outlet for my curiosity. SO after I buy my Brazilian I will string it up in my sewing machine repair/sewing studio space in a converted stand alone 2 car garage. Then try it out for various periods of napping/sleeping. Even the folks I work with think I have lost my mind.