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    Solo Allegany Front Trail

    I would like to share my 2 night solo hike 2 weeks ago on the AFT
    (Allegheny Front Trail) in central Pa. This was my first hiking
    trip since my Boy Scout days 45 years ago (C&O canal).
    A call to a friend living in the area mentioned I would find a 4in snow
    pack and the night time temps around 20* with that in mind my equipment
    consisted of a LLBean pack weighing in at a whopping 7lbs, my DIY GE hammock, my suspension is 2 10ft straps 12in Amsteal Continues loop and 3in 1/2in PVC marlin spikes, a Warbonet sock 0* HG UQ, a LLBean synthetic insulated 20* SB for a TQ, and a PL extra blanket, DIY alky stove, 10oz of Heat and a DIY Bushbuddy stove for back up My food bag weight was about 5 lb, (Iím always afraid I'll go hungry). 2 pairs of extra wool socks, ripstop wind pants, base layer long johns, a fleece pajama bottoms for sleeping, a fleece cap and mittens a light fleece jacket, also a LLBean prima loft jacket. I started out wearing cotton hiking pants and the fleece jacket.
    My pack weight 40lb OUCH!! plus I carried 2 ltr bottles of water. My first big decision
    was what to wear on my feet. Its 39* with a 4in snow pack???? I went with my Sorel pac
    boots mainly because they are water proof.
    1st day: My planned trek was the SE half of the 40ml AFT.A late 2:30pm start
    hiked until 5pm, traveled about 5ml, temp where dropping and it was windy
    I moved off the trail about 50 yds into the brush. Set up my hammock
    gathered kindling for a fire. Dinner was packaged Sardines and Mash potatoes
    in Frozen Zip bags. My DIY Alk stove worked great. Night temp went down
    to 18* didn't sleep well. I think it was the Sardines.
    Day2: Breakfast was hot coffee, hot Kashi w/Proten powder in a FzBag.
    Got on trail 9:30. Temps started creeping up by lunch it was 45*. Stopped
    at the Ralph Majestic Vista for lunch. Terrain was moderate hilly. Was
    hoping to hike around 10-12 miles so I'd finish early Sunday morning.
    Wasn't the case with the snow, hills and my pack weight. I had only traveled
    about 7ml. By 4:30 I was pretty spent and I was in a low flat area
    close to water and knowing I was going up I called it a day due to
    temps my feet and pack boots where very wet. Set up, built a fire. Dinner
    was packaged rice in sauce and Beef Jerky. Temps at 7:30 50*. Dried boot
    packs over fire and inserted packaged hand warmers overnight. Slept great
    Day3: Up at 6am breakfast was coffee, Instant Oatmeal with DIY Dyhd Apples and
    On the trail 9am, trec started up hill and slow until 11am went down hill
    and stayed down along the Pine Creek with a wall of Rhododendrons on both side
    towering over my head. I remember thanking God for creating
    something this beautiful and sharing it with me. It was windy and Temps
    50* I finished the 20 ml loop at 3:30 pm with not much left in the tank.
    Over all I enjoyed the adventure, the trail was beautiful and challenging.
    maybe a little too challenging for my level of experience. I would
    compare it to the Triathlons Iíve done, you cover the coarse but you
    didn't see much of it. The boots where wrong but my feet would have been
    a lot wetter. Next time I hope to have a lighter pack. Force myself to
    take less food. Did I mention I brought back over half my food. Take more
    fuel, I ran out so I used the Bushbuddy. I would still carry it. I didn't
    bring a small water bottle. If a need a drink I had to stop take the pack
    off because the pouches with the Ltr bottles is on the back side, that had to be the
    most aggravating part of the trip. Also I would bring along a pair of camp shoes.
    I printed out the Topo map DNR offered wish I would have taken time
    to do some Land Nav
    In spit of my lack of experience the trip was great, I learned a lot
    and most of what I already knew came from this forum and all of you.
    Thank You
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