Hey guys,
I've been slowly tinkering as I make my first DIY bridge hammock, and to complete the suspension I needed to make a pair of whoopie slings. So, since I got so much positive feedback on my previous videos, I figured I'd make a video and show you my process.
In the video I make them out of some bright green Dynaglide, but you can follow the instructions the same if you are making them out of Amsteel. My method makes buying and measuring easy:
Since these ropes are usually sold in 25ft. increments, I start with 25ft. and cut it in half. This gives you two 12.5ft. lengths for each whoopie, or sling, or whoopie sling. When all is said and done, you end up with rope that can be as short as 2ft. and as long as 6ft.
I use 4+" buries on the fixed loop, and 10" for the main bury. I don't know the recommended specs from Samson rope, but in my experience this has been sufficiently strong for both Dynaglide, and Amsteel.
Here's the video:

I'll just say that I struggled for quite a while trying to do these splicing projects. I tried all sorts of tools and techniques. It all comes down to having the right tool, and the wire I use was it. In the video I call it the "fish tool" because I install home theaters for a living, and it reminds me of the way I fish wires through walls. It's the wire that's used to suspend the framework for a drop ceiling. Its about 18 gauge if I had to guess, but it's fairly stiff and bends and re-bends easily without stressing. Tapering the ends also plays a big role in getting the bury started.
I hope this helps anyone else that is struggling to make some DIY suspension. Thanks for watching!