trying to pull the trigger on the JRB Winter Set Sale, but would appreciate some wisdom from other JRB Winter Set users:

1. The extra $30 and 6 oz doesn't seem like much to give for the additional rating of the MW4 UQ. I don't anticipate being in the single digit temps much, but thought it'd be better to vent the MW4 in mid 20F temps rather than being on the edge of the MW3 rating. What are thoughts?

2. I have a HH Explorer Deluxe, bottom entry, but getting the 2QZQ mod #4. However, will the Mt Washington UQs allow the HH side tie-down shock cords to still be used - or not?

Thanks for any thoughts / advice / experience you can offer...

P.S.: I'll be using the MW3 or MW4 UQ with the Old Rag Mtn TQ in winter or the Sierra Stealth TQ in milder temps