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Swallowed hard and just ordered the 3 Season Winter Set on Sale... includes the Mt Washington 3 UQ and Sierra Sniveler TQ.... hopefully this will give me adequate combinations down to the high teens / low 20s.

Thanks for all the input - and patience while I "think out loud" and over analyze these decisions.

Good Stuff.
All right! I bet it will do just what you want it to, if not a little augmentation or two can easily add 10 or 20*F.

Tricks to add warmth if it is not enough at 15 or 20:
1: a space blanket between hammock and UQ, and/or vapor barrior clothing ( just make sure you understand how to use these and practice some, otherwise stay away)
2: even a thin CCF pad added on the coldest nights can add 10F easy- maybe not as comfy but better than shivering
3: sleep in fleece layers or inside a synthetic bag
4: hot water bottle ( don't spill it! )
5: lots of head insulation to make up for the lack of a mummy bags hood

Have fun!