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    Loads of miscellaneous gear

    Have way to much odd ball stuff sitting around here and need to clear it out.

    Everything includes shipping via USPS...first class if it can...on a few things shipping will probably be more than the value of the item so keep that in mind. First to call dibs gets it per forum rules then PM me for Paypal info.

    Clothing: All of these are $20 each shipped...$100 TAKES ALL. A few have small marks on them..I have tried to indicate that with an arrow on the tape but consider them hiking wear not taking the wife on the town clothes.

    #1 Royal Robins shorts size 32 light weight Nylon

    #2 Lowe Alpine shorts size M mid weight nylon SLATE GREY..DARKER THAN PIC SHOWS.

    #3 Royal Robins short size 30 canvas feeling cotton - pen mark and lighter spot

    #4 Prana pants size M legs Nylon small spot on pocket

    #5 Prana pants size S nylon discolored knees

    #6 Mountain Hard Wear Pant Size L...but fit smaller with short legs..would call them 30 waist with 28 leg Nylon SLATE GREY, DARKER THAN PIC SHOWS.

    SOLD IZULA KNIFE: purchased new in December has only cut me so far...and that was just a little. Have not used it otherwise. Cord wrapped with 1/16th inch guy line No marks or dings on blade $50

    All sold 8 Fire Ranger FireSteels. $3.50 shipped each 2 for $6
    Brand new never used been sitting on a work bench for a year or so.

    Tembo Trunks: earbud speakers, add your earbuds to the back and they will amplify you tunes without carrying extra power. They collapse and stack to pack a little smaller. Made from flexible silicone. New $40+shipping...get these for $25 shipped

    Sold Silver Tablcloth Hammock. End channel is sewn and I will include a set of pick the color and add your own toggles and straps, or I can set you up with a pair. 60x122(counting channels) was 126" $35
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