Jacks R Better was an early and now not-only promoter. Earlier yet, and best language on it is likely from Ray Jardine, even for on-ground use

http://www.rayjardine.com/ray-way/Quilt-Kit/index.htm for the click on. Not that the Jacks are less worth finding.

I just asked a neighbor, salary $95K, next week's job-pay $125K annual, 30, no kids, how he came to buy the $160 Kelty 0F sleeping bag just delivered. "Price", he said, and the 0F rating went unmentioned. Well, it weighs 4lb, the fill is "550" "down" -- it doesn't come lower rated than that -- and he will NEVER be on the ground.

RE: Western Mountaineering. Great tailoring, materials, and craft. No bs ==>> Check the resale values on fleabay.

You get what you pay for; To have money left, many need to buy just what they need.