Well I started looking into hammocking last year and made one of the DIY HH's that is on the board. and well wanted to share my story and progress into the world of hanging for my family. Well after making the one hammock last year and selling the wife and kids on the idea of comfort of the hammock vs the tent (well the hammock has been hanging in my kids room for about a half a year and they take turns every night sleeping in it) it has finally come time to make the whole family gear so this thread will be an on going DIY of making 4 hammock setups for my wife, 2 boys ( 7 and 9), and me. So making this many hammocks on a single income family budget that make enough to not get government aid, but not enough to do what we want all the time compromises will be made and it will probably take me about a month to complete them all which by then the weather here in TN should be perfect for hanging out. Please Keep in mind this is for car camping as of now with the future of hiking in mind. So yes my gear is going to weigh more than some will like and more than I will like but as time goes it will get upgraded and improved.

So on to the goodies I already have and the party with my old singer I am about to start.

This is what I have for them... I know 1 1/4 polyester is over kill but will work just fine. Going for a final length of 6-7 foot a strap

As for attaching the whoopie slings to the webbing I got these which weigh in at 1.2 ounces each... which I think is still over kill but for some reason I just can't seem to trust that marlin spike even though it works for many people that weigh more than I do.

Whoopie Slings:
7/64 Amsteel Blue in the flavor of black which is more of a dark grey My slings have a min. length of 16 inches and a max of 9 feet ( again I know is over kill but I can shorten them easily after I convince myself this is to much)In the picture their is 6 slings already made in the pile. the other two are already on one hammock.

Structural Ridgeline:
I have the Amsteel Blue left for the 4 of these and I plan on having and adjustment from 85 - 110 inches which my hammocks are 120 inches so 83 percent should be 99ish inches so this will give everyone enough adjusting I think. the pic is about 80 feet of amsteel will make these tonight

Hammock Body:
JoAnn's Ripstop which from researching it is 1.9 ripstop. Today I got the wifes and the oldest boys colors since I had two 40 percent off coupons and can only use them once on the transaction. tomorrow I am going to go back and get my youngest son's colors and mine with the same coupons LOL.

Top Quilts:
Well for now I have to do my best on this part. and have made one this way so far. So pretty much I go to goodwill on the first Saturday of the month and look for sleeping bags. this month I scored a 30 degree bag for 10 bucks in new condition and re-purpose it to this. Check out my noob stitch skills. lol

Under Quilt:
Same As above with the goodwill scores. This is two I am in the middle of made from one bag. Still need to channel them and shock cord them. they are 65" x 37"

Are still to come. but looked a tulle today but don't think it will hold up to the kids but at a dollar a yard kinda worth trying at least one

Are still to come.

I hope this helps others on a budget. and will update with pics my progress as they get built and supplies are purchased.