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As for the quick link has anyone ever used one of them on a hammock suspension yet? I haven't ran across any yet but with a load strength of 880#s for 2.50 it was a lot cheaper than a biner of that strength.
Not Hammock suspension but lots of other suspension. They're fine for what they are. Their biggest weakness is they tend to suffer after repeated opening and closing, thread strip etc. They are mostly made for semi-permanent use. The US or French made ones are better. The chinese ones tend to have very thing coatings, shallow cut threads that strip more easily. And if you're using them even close to their SWWL they have a nasty tendency to lock closed and need a wrench to be loosened. Plus, pretty much every manufacturer will tell you they are meant to hold "things", not people.
That said, have I hung on them and built TR anchors from them? Yep, repeatedly. And they're cheap.

By comparison, the cheapest actual climbing carabiner you can find relatively easily Costs only about $6 and is rated at 24kN, or roughly 5400# ( I know I know, kn's are a measurement of force not weight but it's a good enough ballpark for these purposes ) and weighs only 50 grams. Plus it's all aluminum and will never seize or rust. And they are made specifically to prevent plumetting death.