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    DIY made easy, especially if you have someone who can sew.
    Check this site for the double layer.
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    broke down today..went to cabelas grand opening where I live and walked right past a grand trunk ultralight..$20 out the door. At least now I can see how it feels and start to learn a bit more about how everything works so when I make my own I kinda know whats going on..Thanks everyone for your advise.

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    For $20 you're off to a great start. Get 50' of amsteel blue 7/64" from Redden Marine (and search on here for a promo code, I forget it right now) and you can make some whoopie slings for it. They're easy to make after the first one, and coupled with some tie-down straps you're ready to hang!
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    every thing ordered for my suspension!! I am pretty much like a little kid right now.

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    DIY Ripstop nylon
    DIY sil argon
    DIY syn UQ/TQ
    whoopie sling

    My idea

    I think the tablecloth hammock is a great idea and easy to do. I made my first one out of 1.9 ripstop and it was fairly easy (I had never sewn before). With that being said, learning the machine was a pain but after that was done it went well and its a skill that is really helpful. I would try to save the money for a set of whoopies if I were you buy or make, your choice. The tarp can be what you make of it. Cheap poly tarps work just fine, I suggest something close to a 10x10. If you haven't checked out Shugs videos I would strongly encourage and look into the marlin spike hitch. One last piece of advice... when I started I had a really hard time finding good material for tree straps. I finally used ratchet straps and cut off the metal. Just pick a soft and silky feeling ratchet straps. They are usually the expensive ones.

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    thanks jrs. Shugs videos are awesome. Not only is he one crazy funny guy to watch but he really does teach you quite a bit.

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