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    A different hammock for each season

    Good write up and I'm exactly where you are.

    I have 2 RRs, both dbl, one with a net and one without. I absolutely love the lay of these hammocks, I only lay on my back and have no shoulder or knee pain, ever. I have 2 ccf pads and they in fit the RR perfectly. I have been down to 17deg. and have been toasty with them sandwiched together with no movement and no fiddle factor. I actually like the extra support a pad gives. The RR without the net gets the nod in the cold winter months (2 pads), and the RR with the net gets the nod in the spring and fall when mozzies are still busy early in the evening but it gets chilly later in the wee hours of the morning (1 pad).

    Now last week I ordered a 1.7 BB single layer for the super hot summer days and nights. I won't need an UQ or pads in the 3 hottest months, it stays that hot at night here in NC. I have a Snipe, and its the most comfortable lay you can imagine, the perfect summer hammock...EXCEPT for my arthritic right knee. I've tried everything, every lay possible, but something in the lay of the gathered end (maybe body torque?) sets my right knee on fire. Its not the Snipes fault , it's my stupid right knee. It doesn't hurt in my RR however (different lay).

    So I'm going to give a gathered end one last try with the BB and hope the footbox is the answer to my sore r. knee. We'll see.

    And I'm interested in your take on the BB. BTW, I'm 5'8" and 175 so I ordered the regular BB as I didn't think I needed the extra length of the XLC, that wasn't the problem.
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