Hi All,

The title summed it up. I need a 0 degree down underquilt for 4 season hammock camping in Wisconsin. My research on Underquilt's has led me to believe that the Hammock Gear Incubator or the UGQ Zeppeling might be two of the most reputable 0 degree Down Underquilt providers out there... now I just need to find out from ya'll what fits better on the NX-250. The price for each is comparable, the suspensions are slightly different, but what works better with the Clark and it's spreader bar? If there is another provider or suggestion that might work as well I'd be happy to take a suggestion. This will be used for backpacking as well as canoe camping, so I need it to pack small (which is why I prefer down).

I am guessing that either will work fine, but I wanted to ask the question in case there was a preference either way from ya'll that have more time with these than I do.