I have read in the for sale section under the rules that it is generally frowned upon to post in someones for sale thread where you can buy or get the item cheaper. I guess my question is why? This is a fantastic site with a wealth of information, very friendly and helpful people, and it really seems like everyone is trying to help out everyone else. That being said I see it almost as a disservice to any potential buyer not to fully inform them where they can get the item the cheapest, furthermore it would be in the best interest of the seller to let them know they are selling their item for above market price.

This doesnt seem like a website dedicated to making anyone money, in fact it explicitly states that the for sale section is not a place to start a small business, but a place where you can pass forward unwanted or unneeded items. It would seem that no one would purposly put an item up in the for sale section to rip someone off, but we don't live in a perfect world and unfortunately there are people out there trying to make a quick buck.

I can see how it could be a bit frustrating to post something for sale, only to have someone inform potential buyers they can buy it cheaper elsewhere, but who cares! If its frustrating to you, you have put an item up for sale for more money than the item is worth, weather you know it or not you are setting someone up to get ripped off. I know if I bought ANY item in the for sale section, only to find a few days later I could have bought the item cheaper elsewhere I would feel taken advantage of.

We are a community of hammockers, backpackers, campers, outdoorsmen ( and women) and we should always be looking out for one another. The only situation where I feel like this could be a problem would be if an individual is posting in someone elses for sale thread and linking or referring potential buyers to THEIR item that is for sale for less. Other than that shouldnt we all be striving to help one another out?

Most of the items in the for sale thread are in fact a great deal. Most of the used items are being sold for less than you can buy them elsewhere anyway. It is a great way for people to pass on unused gear, and still not take a total loss on the gear.

So lets hear it, why is this a rule?