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Thread: Ugliest Hammock

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    Quote Originally Posted by mugs View Post
    Pics or its not real

    Gotcha! My fellow forum family here christianed her "Cupcake" and it's stuck. I don't have a pic of the periwinkle sock....I need to do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theosus View Post
    My ENO is orange with silver trim. I wanted to make sure I knew head from tail each time when I put my UQ on (it's head end is stuffed thicker). I have an orange Whoopie sling on the head end, and grey on the other. My ridge line is bright day glow yellow. Of course my Hennessy hex tarp is dark nasty green, and it's hang rope is bright day glow pink paracord...The quilts are olive green on the outside, which hides most of the orange of the ENO.

    Pretty fugly.
    I did prett much the exact same thing with the whoopies, only my ENO DN is the opposite in color, sides are orange, the body is grey. Orange JCP puffer UQ, Black HG Burrow, Grey tarp with glowire tieouts.


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