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    Brooks-Range Cloak... 20 oz. for 15 degrees

    So I was hoping a search would turn something up on this here, but I searched a myriad of ways and it looks like this must not have been discussed here before.

    In the latest gear edition of Backpacker, they had an article on this product. It's called a Cloak, by Brooks-Range, and they offer them in several different temp ratings. The one I'm looking at is the 15 degree variant for the winters here in Wisconsin...


    Here are the specs...

    850 Fill with DownTec Treatment
    20oz total weight
    15oz fill weight
    3.5" loft
    5" x 15" stuff sack size
    FlowGate technology
    Pertex Quantum 20d fabric
    Full draft collar
    Pad / foot pocket
    Full baffle construction
    74" long x 40" wide at the top; 28" wide at the foot

    This is basically a blanket. No footbox or zippers or snaps, just a sleeve for your feet or a pad. This seems like it could potentially be a good fit for a hammock camper with a good underquilt. I find that if my bottom insulation is more than adequate for the temps I am experiencing, my top insulation can be well above the temps I'm experiencing and I'll still be toasty warm. Anyone have any experience with these? The specs look great, I'm considering pulling the trigger on one soon.


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    For that price, i'd much rather invest in an Exped Dreamwalker 450 or 650 instead. It's much more versatile: sleeping bag, open it up for two person top quilt, 1 person top quilt, a long "Fred Flintstone" down vest/parka, and even a peapod! And for even less money and better quality, you can have Tim Marshall at enLIGHTened Equipment make you a SWEET custom top quilt (that's the route i'd go, personally).

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