This morning (my time) I logged on for the first time in a couple of days and saw some non hammock related threads. Not thinking anything about it I clicked on one. I immediately noticed the color scheme was slightly different so I looked at the subforum it was contained was a subforum I had never seen before.

A few days ago I had mentioned on someone's thread (can't remember the topic or who) that I didn't really see the point of donating at the time due to an upcoming deployment and lack of Internet service underway.

I really did not expect or request in the least bit for anyone to do this, but someone made an anonomous donation for me I guess because now I am a donating member.

I am absolutely thrilled that anyone would be this courteous as to spend money for someone they have never met.

To whoever did this, pm me so I can know. Not to repay you, but anyone this kind, I want to be friends with and hang out with sometime in the piney woods.
Cue corny "friends are friends forever" song...

For the non donating members, there are multitudes of information to stumble upon once having this status. If I weren't at work while noticing this I would be even more addicted to this network. I can't wait to get off work today!!!

Thank you very much to whomever did this! I will respect you still if you wish to remain anonomous, but I will never know exactly who to thank or who was so kind.

I am almost at a loss of words with this gesture. The only other reasoning I had for not donating was that I wasn't sure how long I would be active on the forums. It was only a couple months ago that I started thinking about it, and a couple weeks later was when I was told that I was deploying so i decided I would wait till I got back. Now I'm good for a while and will continue to contribute my knowledge until operational commitment gets in the way. Besides, some of us must protect our freedoms. that's why I do what I do...

Thanks again for all this forum does for me. This is a great "out" for the daily stresses of my life and I look forward to conversing with you guys on our lifestyle/hobby again soon. Fish out...