I'm glad I saw this thread. I've really been debating back and forth over the tarp issue. I WANT to go lightweight, but just CANT afford a decent tarp and I don't want to spend $40-50 on something right now when I could spend another $20-30 additional when I have the money to get a really good tarp.

I've been looking at getting one of the 11x9 camo tarps from Harbor Freight, but I was worried about the weight issue. I was actually planning on getting some 3mil plastic and making my own - Not Polycro shrink film, but the kind that you find in the paint section to lay on the floor.

Harbor Freight Poly tarp
- camo
- more durable
- easy (just pick it up and use it)
- heavy

DIY 3mil Plastic Tarp
- Lightweight
- Cheap
- Definitely waterproof
- Questionable durability
- No privacy

Does this all sound about right to yall? I cannot make a decision and need some guidance...any thoughts on the "wise" choice here?