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    Hi Matty,
    Check your PMs!
    Apparently, signature that I used from 2006 no longer tolerated so now deleted.

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    I had a supershelter and fleece blanket underneath with a mss patrol bag on top to 28deg last night. I was nice and toasty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyoc20 View Post
    I saw the incubator was concerned about its packability. How small can it pack down to. Im starting to get into lightweight backpacking and have upgraded (or down graded depending on how you look at it) to a smaller pack. Thanks for the help
    The 0* model packs pretty large, but squished down in a compression sack, its no bigger than my 40* rated synthetic quilt, so there is something to be said for down. The 2 liter bottle is a good analogy, although mine is about as wide as it is tall, so more like a wide coffee can. I would assume the 20* model would be a little smaller... But its a great product. Within a few minutes of getting in, it is like being on an electric blanket. Feels MUCH better than a pad. It also fits an ENO really well (my ENO is for winter only - no bug net) when I'm not in the hennessy. HG makes some good stuff... Im waiting on my top quilt, and the two of them together will get me to 20*, in a space/weight smaller than my previous sleeping bag only.
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    Underquilt for my HH

    Keeping my eye on this thread as the temps start to drop down here.

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    I use a Potomac from arrowhead equipment. Its cut specifically for the the HH and has loops for the pull outs. Synthetic so its heavier than down.

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