Please let me premise that I love these products. I now have a bottom and a top quilt from Hammock Gear. I don't have a lot of experience with down, so with that in mind, my question is mainly to satisfy my curiosity, not a complaint by any means.

I've had my new top quilt for a couple of weeks now, really enjoying the warm that it's providing. I've slept full time practically outside in my hammock since getting it. I noticed from the start a mild dog odor. Is down suppose to have that odor? I don't think my bottom quilt had that smell.

Almost a non-issue, since I've ordered some Nikwax down detergent from Amazon. I'll wash up both at the same time. The bottom quilt has seen a fair bit of use, so I'm sure it's time.

Anyway's like I said, just curious. Not by any means a negative review at all. Thanks.