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    Need Quilt Combo Help

    ok boys and girls, i need a new set of quilts. (mods, i put this here because its going to be for both top and bottom quilts, as a whole, and im asking more for vendor advice)

    heres my parameters.

    *i want a matched set from one company.

    *its going to be summer focused, with 3 season capabilities. no more winter for me....

    *i sleep as close to nekid as i can, with no pads. the quilts and shorts/tshirt are it, unless its the cool season when i wear down boots.

    *weight isnt too much an issue rather than function.

    *needs to be on the larger side, as im 6ft 280lbs and want to be covered, so full length UQs only

    *i want to keep it $400 or less, slightly more is ok

    im thinking a 40* set would be perfect for my needs, since its going to be for SC summer nights and spring/fall to a lesser extent...

    so my options are, as far as i know,

    *Underground Quilts (awesome quilts, ive had them before)
    *Wilderness Logics (Summer Series XXL/Full set)
    *Hammock Gear stuff.

    i know theres KAQ's, but i prefer the ones listed as ive either worked with them before and know/trust them or know of their products quality and service, and the quilts have evolved for all those companies listed to be "the best they can be"

    ideas? help me choose!
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    I have one of Paul's Jarbridge quilts and it's great. Workmanship is top notch. I wouldn't hesitate checking out a set from AHE.

    I also love Hammock Gear. A 40* Burrow & Incubator would run you $408 for the set. I'm 5' 10" & 285ish (at the moment) and the standard Burrow/Incubator fit me just fine. YMMV
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