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    I finally got a chance to set up my recently completed UQ -(i see on their site the shorter version is now called The Foyle). I finished my blank a couple weeks ago with 9oz of 850 Down from Wilderness Logics. I then ran a continuous length of shock cord through all channels around the perimeter - at each corner, i placed a cordlock for easy tensioning. I sewed Grosgain loops at each corner to attach tie outs.

    I couldnt convince my boyfriend to camp out for the night, but he at least agreed to humor me and we went for a day hike, lugging our gear, so I could set it up and see how it worked. I was quite pleased with how it went up and I could definately feel how cozy it made the hammock - but i'll have to wait a couple more weeks before I get to give it a full trial.
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