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    Noob Questions from a guy in Kansas

    Ok guys Im a complet noob when it comes to this stuff. I pretty much have it figured out what I want to do and what i want for my set up. My question to you guys is where do you get your materials to make your hammocks and suspensions. I want to make some DIY whoopies and a tablecloth hammock. I know you can get the stuff to make them online but there is only one problem with that. Im not one to shop online i prefer to be able to see what im getting before i buy it. Where are some common places to pick up stuff like amsteel 7/64 and the taffeta tablecloths. I live in Wichita Kansas so if any of the local guys know any specific places that would be awesome. If you guys have any suggetions please feel free im open to advice.

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    Hey Dagger004! Welcome to the forum, sure someone will be able to answer you on a likely local tablecloth source, can't help you there...

    However, I've had luck finding Amsteel at Marine supply shops here locally, so that may be a good place to check.

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    Hey Dagger! I can't speak to the tablecloths, but I can tell you that the odds are you'll have to order the Amsteel online. The only likely spots to find something like that MIGHT be at a local marina on a lake somewhere.

    Side note...there's a relatively active group of us in the KC area that do some pretty regular get togethers. Keep an eye on the "midwest" section of the trip planning part of the forum, and come on out!

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