I found a use for my taffata tableclothes ,I bought the same colors as my dangerbird 72 I got from papa smurf in black and sage green. The top quilt is 80"x58" ,sewed in channels both ends for draw cord. I also put ribbon loops on all four corners,and every 6 inches up 18 inches to use as a lace up foot box. Black taffeta on outside ,5 oz cs apex layer, sage green taffeta on inside, it matches my hammock. Turned out pretty cool. This gear making is a lot of fun good addiction,and something to do with my time. With my leighlo 15 degree under quilt I ordered a couple of days ago should let my get down pretty low if needed. I was thinking opened up flat and the four corner loops I could also use it as a warmer weather under quilt. Double duty gotta love it.