Finally got out for my first solo! Short hike into the woods on my gun clubs' property. Got out there about 4pm Sat and set up. Ended up moving to a better spot due to thorn trees in the area.
Solo hang1.jpg
Wanted to try out my new Ti Element stove with the grill top... worked fine, steak was yummy, cooked fast.
Solo hang2.jpg
Still working on lightening my pack. Even though I had the base weight down to 22lbs, I still managed to bring at least 30lbs. A work in progress.....
Woke up to coyotes yodeling away Easter morning. Got very good coverage on the WBRR w/ the Superfly. The doors close well with just a small gap. Feet got just a little cold, but I had lighter socks and no hot water bottle. 40*sleeping bag, 20* torso length lynx.
solo hang3.jpg
Packed up and headed out to get a shower and breakfast.
Frosty pond on the way.