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After talking to Shane it sounds like you guys should take this month to catch your breaths. You know what they say about all work and no play..............
It's been busy. It's hard to complain when customers support your work. That said, we've got customers who are or will be complaining if we don't get moving and we're pretty dog tired. My focus is on getting back orders caught up right now... hopefully over the next five days, we'll make up about 10-12 calendar days and based on our order sheet, that's do-able. Then things will slowly return to normal.

We're also trying to find time to work in two new projects, one of which you already know about, Lee (suspension). I won't elaborate or comment further on either because work remains yet to be done and until our customers have products in hand, we really don't need to go there.

So, though this is a little off topic, thanks to all of you for your support and patience. We know we're behind and we're going to surge over the next few days and get some products in your hands.

-- Brian and Shane