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I don't think that makes you old. I was born in 1945. Now how do you feel?
LOL! It helped make me feel a bit better, until I did a bit of number crunching and figured out that 1945 is only 22 years difference. So, in just 22 years, it will be as if I was born in 1945 now. lol

No, Deacon, I know Iím not old, I just like to tell everyone I am. If I ever do get old, Iíll know, because everyone will start calling me a silly old fart. Thanks for your comment, Deacon, it was a bit of fun!

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Fantastic video Brucie!! Now I really regret not having found the way of the hammock before I came home from OZ. That trip you just did would have made a perfect memory.

I am really happy for you that you get to have such great hikes and wonderfull views.

Can't wait for your next vid!!
Aahhh, yes, TacoStyle, ďThe Way of the Hammock!Ē lol, I like that, it would make a good title for a movie. Well, it would for use here on the Hammock Forums! Maybe one day youíll come back this way, with your hammy and youíll get to do some walks Ė I hope you do! In the mean time, the USA invented National Parks and has put aside some of the worlds greatest natural tressures and EVERYONE is encouraged to go and explore them. Now that you know the way of the Hammock, Iím sure youíll get to visit some of the worlds most famous parks right there in the US!

Good first choice of hammock and tarp (Iím assuming itís your first set up)! Both the blackbird and the Edge are good all-rounders. The diamond tarp is handy to have, and the Superfly is good, if you hike in the wet a lot. If only the Edge came with pull outs like the Superfly. If your Edge doesn't have doors, get some, theyíre good.

Anyway, TacoStyle, Thanks for watching and now, get out and hang! P.S. Duck tape is great!

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Thanks for taking us along there, Brucie! It was good to see you out and about again. I love seeing what you see down under as I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to visit (hopefully in the next several years). Some of your shots are just spectacular. Again thanks.
Oh, youíre welcome FireInMyBones! I hardly even noticed you were there! Youíre a very quiet hiker! lol Just a little joke there. Yes, itís a long way to the bottom, if you want to hang a hammy. When the worlds top rock bands come here, they often comment on how long the flight is for them to get here (20 hours). They say they enjoy being here, but itís a long way.

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Hey Bruciehi5,

Thanks for taking us along on another of your adventures. I love to watch your videos. Your shots are well planned and the audio via the small recorder is amazing. I am still thinking of doing that for my videos as well. Is it hard to sync the sound with the camera? I noticed you didn't have any hand clapping in this video as you did in a previous vid. Your edits are better I guess. The waterfalls were beautiful and it was cool to see you go behind them too. Very hard looking trail in places where the trees had fallen. I hope they get the trail cleaned up soon.

Looking forward to the next Bruciehi5 video soon.
Good to hear from you, BLUEFIN 774! Itís a bit amazing that the sound of my voice was picked up by the mic, when I was near some of thoughs noisy waterfalls! The mic has a little foam ball thingy on it, that cuts back on wind noise, but I think it also helps with noisy water too... I think.

Still using the clap method to sync audio and video. I have had SO much trouble with audio being out of sync in my videos. This time, it took 11 processes of the video and 2 uploads to get it as right as it is. The good news is that I worked out what I was doing wrong and what I need to be doing better. Iíve made another video since and it both processed and uploaded first time.

If you end up getting a recorder and you have trouble syncing, let me know and Iíll try to make a video showing you what I learned. For most, syncing isnít that hard, it was all user error - me. Now that I know what I know, itís a bit fiddley, but not that hard for me now either. There are a few good videos on YouTube that show how itís done.

Itís fun to go behind waterfalls! I tried to use the camera to take you behind it with me. Anyway, BLUEFIN 774 Iíve typed too much again. Thanks for your comments and for watching!

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Excellent trip report... just plain excellent. Thanks!
Thanks, JayS! Iím getting a big head (head wobble)! Comments like yours will encourage me to show more video trip reports... thatís probably not a good thing! Next thing you know, Iíll have a marching band and be selling, ďBruciehi5 Videos RuleĒ t-shirts! lol Thatís the last thing we need! lol

Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment, JayS, thatís great!