PA Swatara Gap to Delaware Water Gap; April 6-17, 2013; on the Appalachian Trail

I am hoping to tag along with a Nashville group heading to the Shenandoah National Park, drop them off this Saturday, and then head on up to Pennsylvania on my own to pick up my A.T. section-hiking where I left off at Swatara Gap last year. I'll hike until the 16th or 17th, then go back to pick up the other group (in Harper's Ferry) and head home to Nashville.

Anyone want to tag along? Meet on the trail? Hike a few days with me? Do some shuttling for me or trail magic? I'm flexible and easy! :-? I've hiked alone many times, but it's fun to meet and/or hike with new friends too. The weather forecast is looking pretty darn good. I was concerned about ice, but so far it's not supposed to be freezing, even at night. If things change, I'll bail out if necessary. Don't want to hike alone on ice.

I hope to average about 12 miles a day (if the rocks don't slow me down too much), including perhaps a zero day, and reach Delaware Water Gap taking it easy. But if not, I'll stop wherever I get to and is convenient. I've heard and read about lots of features along this section of trail, and look forward to seeing them with my own eyes and setting foot on some of them with my own feet.

I have the list of shuttlers from the ATC, but if anyone has recommendations or would like to lend a hand, please speak up. Usually I'm splitting the cost with others, but this time may be footing the cost alone. I'd love to have my vehicle shuttled to the end if at all possible.

Rain Man

P.S. I have to say this trip is contingent on some factors beyond my control (client emergencies) falling into place, but which I expect will happen.