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Hertline campsite - good water and a nice picnic table ... you'll enjoy the hike up (keyword here is up) out of Lehigh Gap ... the pinnacle is an excellent place to hang and watch the sunrise if you get a chance
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the pinnacle is a Must Hang for sure .... the view is fantastic
Thanks! I had tentatively marked a short 8-mile day out of Port Clinton to Pulpit Rock or so, but now think I'll hike the 12 miles to the Pinnacle and hang there for the night. Would not have known if you guys had not told me.

Good to know about Hertline. I tentatively plan a night at 501 (another meal I don't have to carry if I order pizza there), but might stop at Hertline for an early lunch and to get water.

I've got photos of my daughter's climb out of Lehigh Gap! I think I'll be glad I did most of NH last August, once I get to that PA climb.

What about water or campsite out of Lehigh Gap? I plan to allow for a zero day in Palmerton, so possibly will do that climb early morning and hope to camp at about 12 miles.

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