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    A quantity of Easton Nanolite Poles

    I have 10 sections of extra Easton Nanolite .344 tent poles that I bought for a project. I always seem to buy too many materials...I am gonna sell each 89 & 1/4 inch finished pole separately for $17

    They work great for tarp pole mods and they are about the lightest poles available. It seemed to be harder to find these shorter 13 inch sections individually, and most people only stock the 16 and 18 inch sections.

    There are 7 sections in each pole.
    5 sections are 13 inches long.
    the 2 sections with end tips are 12 inches long.
    the whole length for each pole is 89&1/4 inches or 7 ft 4 and a quarter inches counting the ends
    Color is black. Ends are the normal 1/2'' aluminum billet with no lock.
    The completed pole is already shock corded with cold weather shock cord.

    weight: 4.1 oz for each 7 ft 4 inch section
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