I have a second tarp I need to outfit with cordage. Can't seem to figure it out. So many choices, so many options. I'm not striving for UL status, but I certainly appreciate their methods. So I have this Clark Vertex tarp I need to get set up, and I can't come close to a decision as to what to use to tie it up and hold it down with. I have some tech-line for prussics, but I don't know if I should go with the dacron/dyneema cord that came with my WB Edge (thanks Taylo!), the paracord I have a big hank of, or get something else. I didn't see this discussed in the last 10 pages, so I thought I would toss it out there for me and the other newbies figuring this out.

And BTW, with the 8 tie out points on this tarp (2 ridgeline and 6 on the sides) how many feet would be enough? With my Edge, as it came to me, I need to use tech-line dogbones to enable porch-mode. Will 50' get it done, or get 2 50' hanks and have some left over?