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    The Arab Bedouin tents are black and it gets hot where they camp.
    A good shade that blocks the sun totally is important.
    They probably buy canvas now but in times past they made their own tent fabric from animal hair and made it black with soot.
    If a sun shade is open on all sides there is air convection caused by the hot air rising off the black tarp.

    This is why a tent is a waste of money because in hot summer you only want shade and tents have sewn in sides and floors that are in the way. Screened windows don't cut it for ventilation like no sides at all.
    But as soon as the wind blows and it cools off and maybe rains you want the shade to turn into a fully closed in tight to the ground shelter.
    A little bit of smoke from a wood burning cookstove puts mosquitos on the run.
    The little bit of heat from a tiny cookstove under a tarp helps air circulation even when the sun is hot

    That is why I use a tarp, wood stove/chimney in all seasons and in whatever country. I am not restricted to burning wood, I can burn any kind of fuel in my cookstove.
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