My backpacking and hammock gear has been stored for several months now...I need to get out into the woods!

I took this Friday off to head north for the weekend since I originally planned on doing the NCT/MRT loop in Michigan. The weather will be fair (low 40s, showers possible)

But just for fun I checked down south and the weather in the Deam wilderness will be amazing (mid 60s and sunny, only 50 at night!)

I always prefer to head north any time of the year so I'll probably do that, but the nice spring weather is tempting me. But then again, I don't feel like walking thru 4" of horse poop and muddy trails the entire time in the Deam.

Do you ever find yourself choosing locations based on the weather? It's not about canceling or complaining about weather, but rather just trying to decide between two nice locations with about the same travel time.