So, here's the thing: The wife is gonna be in England (East Riding of Yorkshire) at the end of April through the beginning of March.

Space is limited, but she's agreed to take some stuff over there to help you guys save on shipping. The key term here is SPACE IS LIMITED.

If you need Amsteel or small things like Dutch gear or anything along those lines, that's probably feasible.

If it's something I can source locally (like Amsteel), just tell me how much you need and I'll go pick it up. You can PayPal me the funds.

When she gets there, she'll be flying in to Manchester...but time is likely to be an issue, and she's likely to be cranky - flying sucks. That said, she can post you the items and you can (again) PayPal me the reimbursement for the post, or you can pick it up from here in the village of Hutton-Cranswick (or maybe even Driffield).

Please PM me what you need and I'll let you know if I can make it happen, and if so what I need from you to make it a reality. You'll (likely) save on shipping, but it's gonna take some effort.