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I'm not great at trip reports but I'll try, especially since I may be the only hammocker.

I'm also interested in other planning resources, especially the locations of water sources.
From memory (This was a few years ago) coming up from Camp Daniel Boon you will cross a few streams but the source we used was a small spring next to the trail just before we reached the ridge that connects Shinning Rock and Cold Mountain. If you climb Cold Mountain there is a small spring right near the top of the mountain.

There is a very good spring on your way out of the Shinning Rock "Campground" toward Flower Gap and Tennant Mountain. The spring is just beneath the trail and turns into a nice size stream.

We did a water drop at the Black Balsam parking lot since one of our people was heading out there. The next two reliable sources were the springs at the two shelters after you cross the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The trip was amazing and we want to get back there. It is somewhat dry up there so be ready to carry some water.