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    WTB: Warbonnet hammock and maybe a top quilt?

    Hello! My name is Kristin and this is my first post here.

    I'm new to hammock camping but I've been doing a lot of research and I think I've made my first choice. I'm looking for a Warbonnet hammock (I know, that such a general statement). I'm a 5'4", 117 lb female and my 31 lb dog will most likely find room in the hammock as well, so I'm also sort of looking for recommendations. I'm attempting to make my pack as light as possible as well. I was thinking I would do just fine with the Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1 single layer as I'm wanting to get an under quilt instead of using a pad (I've heard that under quilts are generally warmer and more comfortable). Would this be a fair option?

    If a WBBB 1.1 single is not available, I might be interested in the following for the right price:

    WBBB 1.1 Double
    WBBB 1.7 Single OR Double

    I really don't know much about top quilts, but I'm looking for a top quilt, maybe in the 20* zone that's fairly lightweight. As for the under quilt, I'm probably going to buy the shell from and fill it myself with 850 down fill.

    Seem like an ok plan so far? Anyone have what I'm looking for, for a good price? Thanks for your time!

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    Welcome to the forums from Ohio. I don't have anything for sale unfortunately what I can tell you is that hammocking with your dog is awesome. Sleeping with your dog in the hammock however, not so much.. lol I usually hang low and keep her right underneath me on a ground sheet and blue pad. both of which she usually sleeps next to anyway. But if you can hang it all the better, like a fuzzy heating pad

    As for which bird to fly, It kind of comes down to how weight conscience you are. Im in the same weight class as you and I have also been eyeing up the 1.1 singles, but I also currently own a 1.7 double and love it. lol I would definitely go for an underquilt/top quilt combo. Underquilts are like heat producing down microwaves. Highly recommended. Or a slightly cheaper option is getting or using a sleeping bag with the zipper open almost all the way leaving a foot box(basically a top quilt)

    Hope I helped a little
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    Thank you for the reply! Yeah, I don't intend for her to sleep with me in the hammock, but she has a way of weaseling herself where she wants. I will bring the appropriate pad and blanket for her.

    I'm thinking, if I can find one, I really think the basic Warbonnet 1.1 single will suit my needs just fine given that I will not be using a pad.

    Thanks again for your input!

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    Does anyone consider putting an under quilt (sleeping bag) between the layers of a double; or would it compress the down too much?

    Sleeping with a wet dog is no fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marmesto View Post
    Does anyone consider putting an under quilt (sleeping bag) between the layers of a double; or would it compress the down too much?

    Sleeping with a wet dog is no fun.
    I don't think it will compress to much, but it might move around on you while you sleep.

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    I have all of that gear to sell, if you want it:

    WB Black Bird Hammock - Dbl Walls, 1.1 Olive Brown - 25.5 oz - Brand New - Paid $175, Asking $140

    WB MambaJamba Tarp - 132" x 120" Olive Brown - 13.5 oz - Brand New - Paid $110, Asking $95

    WB 3 Season Yeti Underquilt - 20 degree, Black - 12.5 oz - Brand New - Paid $180, Asking $150
    *I have those triangle thingies that hold this in place and will throw them in for free. I forget what company I bought them from.

    WB Mamba 3 season Overquilt - 20 degree, Black - 19 oz - Brand New - Paid $245, Asking $200

    I have a 30 pound pup too and she fits just fine in the other hammock I have so there's no reason to believe she wouldn't fit find in this one. Just make sure you cut her nails and then file down any sharp points!

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