... and I might be in love.

Haven't had a TON of time to play with it yet, but man... I can see this speeding up setup pretty considerably, and teardown as well. And it's a nice little extra bit of water protection, given that it's silny, for setting up (under an already-pitched tarp) during a storm, or extra tear protection if it drops to the ground where it might snag something.

I can see it now... hiking with ground dwellers and having my camp set up, Ursack tied to a tree, and laying with my feet up and de-booted, OFF THE GROUND, with dinner in the pot while everyone else is still trying to throw lines into trees and pitching their tents... ahhhhhh.

Oh yeah... remarkable craftsmanship (seriously impressed my seamstress mother-in-law), and crazy fast service.

Well done, Wilderness Logics! I'll be back for more, no doubt.