I've seen a lot of concern around the forums about the tube adding a bunch of bulk to your pack, but I'm not sure I understand why. It's just a tiny bit of silny. The tube itself doesn't afford hardly any bulk. I understand in pictures, it looks gigantic. But understand that it's full of a hammock, and usually a ton of down or synthetic insulation and, more importantly, a ton of air - the tube is quite roomy. As the description on the website says, it's not a compression sack; compression comes when you jam it into your pack. It's meant to be an organizational tool and, perhaps moreso, a lazy man's way of setting up. It replaces any stuff sacks you're using for your hammock, your underquilt, your topquilt, and anything else you might stick in there that might otherwise be in its own sack (like sleepwear).


I might take a few more pictures later on, specifically to show how much "extra" room it (doesn't) occupy.