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    Wichita, ks

    Other than the Perry Lake hike is there anything else going on in our neck of the woods? Im new to all of this and Im hoping to get a hammock made this weekend along with a few other little things like build a alchol stove and get some other gear money permiting. Someone had said something about a hang at Kingman lake but I didnt see anything about it on here.

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    I don't KNOW this for sure, but so far most of the folks who've responded to the "KC area hangs" are generally from KC, Omaha, or St Louis areas.

    Other than a hang that one of the guys put together up between KC and Omaha, all the rest of the hangs in this area are ones that I've put together myself.

    My suggestion would be to offer to put one together in your area.

    I've been seriously blessed by the friendships that I've gained by hosting the KC area hangs. Some truly awesome guys and girls have come out, and we've always had a blast!

    And I get the fun of meeting up with most of them again this weekend at a place NONE of us have hung at before!

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    Theres a few members near you. Just over in OK, some get together late spring/summer. Havent seen anything lately but they'll proaly chine in here.

    If nut'n, maybe we need to have a hang in the middle somewhere. Pomona Lake & Melvern are nice for hang'n.

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