Hey Everyone,
After some great advice from this forum, I picked up the WBBB DL 1.1, the WB Mambajamba tarp, and the HG Burrow 20. They are all amazing, thanks guys.

Just wanted to post up some pictures of my first hang. This was about 40 minutes above Boulder, CO in the mountains. Weather ranged from 60 and sunny, to brief blizzard conditions, to low visibility fog. Cool day! For anyone that is interested I did use a sleeping bag rigged up as an UQ and a pad as well. I will hopefully be getting a HG Phoenix 20 soon to go with my Burrow.

Had to dig out some snow and used it to build a snow wall on the windward side:

Snow wall and side pulls:

Mambajamba in the back with my buddies Hennessy setup up front:

Here comes the snow:

Fire pit cooler!: