Thanks for the advice guys I really appreciate it. As for ordering stuff from diy gear, the only thing stopping me is i dont really care for ordering things online. Since everyone has had such great things to say about them I may try them. And as far as the rings are concerned Im gonna try them never know may get lucky. Im not to worried about falling the spot Im going to test hang in is over pretty soft dirt. And the webbing is polyester seems like pretty good stuff. Hopefully I can find either a black or gray tablecloth or Im going to end up buying some bdu camo rip stop. Hancock has it for like 8.99 a yard and I found a 40% off coupon. I drove by hancock on my way home from work today and discovered that that right around the corner connected to the fabric store is a alterations shop. Im thinking that if I go with the rip stop I will just stop by and have them sew it for me.