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    Wanted to give a shout out to Paul at Underground Quilts

    I emailed Paul on Sat. the 30th inquiring as to an upgrade to a tarp i was looking at to replace my stock HH tarp. Within ten minutes i got a surprise reply and after a few communications I settled on a Hanger 11WB tarp. I asked about the wait time seeing as i had a trip planned for the weekend and wanted to take the new tarp along...well Paul said no problem he could have it made by Monday and ship by tuesday...despite it being easter weekend Paul did have it done by Monday and shipped by Tuesday..I got it Thursday afternoon and (sorry boss) I played hookie on Friday and went out for an overnight. This tarp is something sweet. HANGER 11WB 132x106
    and only 14 ounces. Its cat cut design fully seam sealed fully binded grossgrained eges. I'm really happy i went with Paul. In these days with the economy the way it is and people being careful where they spend or put their money, customer service is huge and i think alot of businesses forget that aspect of doing business at all. It can be something as simple as returning an email...which i have to say there have been some venders even here who have not returned my emails which obviously means they will never get a second chance with me.
    From start to finish Paul provided customer sservice that well went beyond my expectations. I will do business and reccomend Paul and Missy to anyone who asks and hopefully steer some business there way as i feel good business deserves great word of mouth.
    Great product, excellent service...this is how its done
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    Yes, they are awesome.

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    I couldn't agree more. Not only was Paul awesome to work with, but he makes really excellent quilts!


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    I met Paul & his wife Missy at FH3.
    Great folks! Very supportive of the group hang and all around good peoples.
    HangCon Sign Up:

    So many trees, so little time...

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