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    Took my son on a turkey hunting/hammock camping excursion this weekend. Got there after dark on Friday evening. Hiked in about 1.5 miles and pitched our camp. I'd much rather do it in the daylight - but have done it on several occasions at this WMA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnrMoment View Post
    Setting up in the dark at home with marginal light is good practice. It also can be painful. Pay special attention to how your whoopies fit over the toggles. Side slip = instant grounding. DAMHIK
    Zactly! That's why I kept my tired self in the house. I've only had one opportunity to set my hammock up since ordering it a month or so ago. I can set my tent up in my sleep, but I need more practice before trying that with the hammock!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FBG View Post
    Anybody else have issues pushing day to day life to the side, for a bit, to enjoy a little hammock fun?
    That is so much of an understatement I'm not even gonna get started.

    As others have said practice is practice and setting up in the dark is great practice. If I'd had the time I'd have busted out the headlight and made it happen. Better luck next time friend.
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