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    Goodwater Death March...

    This will be the official reports of the Goodwater Death March that happened at the goodwater trail... People are still getting home so it will probabaly be slow going for a while...

    Trip over view was a 28 mile loop around Georgetown Lake west of Georgetown Texas...

    We had ten in attendance...
    Space weasel
    Hammock life
    Half pipe(his new trail name)
    Easttex/cookie coon

    It was a good two nights out, about 5 miles on Friday afternoon, 18!!!!miles on Saturday and 5 miles out on Sunday morning... Low of 47 Saturday morning, high of 85ish for the Saturday... Sunday was about 60* for a low...



    can you see the 4 baby armadillos?

    i dared Rat to catch one, which i know is possible but usually involves a chase... he knelt down, reach out his hands, one started meandering to him, then two more... by the time the lucky one got caught Rat could have had three... craziness...

    my view friday evening... sunrise should have been just to the left... but it was cloudy and windy, i just had to imagine that beautiful sunrise

    why yes Cookie Coon did carry in 3lbsof BACON!!! he is my friend

    crockett Gardens, really really cool place... spring comes right out of the ground, this south texas boy don't see water just come out of the ground much, i am still impressed by it...

    Rat said we could jump... Cookie Coon didn't want to get his Coon down wet...

    Rat and Gimpy approaching the Dam... Gimpy is wrongly named, that guy is a beast, 3 miles an hour till dark... mad mad respect for him...

    shots from the Dam, cool area, discussion here was centered around your favorite airplanes of all time, A-10 warthog, P51 mustang, C130, Flying Fortress all mentioned, i don't remember or care which one got first, it was one of those conversations that just happens...


    shots of our second nights camp, notice anything wrong from the hammock perspective, all the trees are either dead, huge, or spaced out big enough for Shrek... it was a creative site to say the least, Mule tape was used, had several hangers from one dead tree... had a group of 4-5 in one spot... i had to break LNT and whacked me out a spot, just a few cedar limbs way out of the way so it should have plenty of time to grow back... but boy what a view, but i forgot to take a picture, and yet again i woke up to it being cloudy...

    Caveman and Reggie... when i put some of these on Facebook and tagged Caveman, i got like 10 likes on this photo and a comment that read " i recognize Reggie, but who's the long haired guy?"...


    My after-hike meal... Yummy!!
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