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    Wink See photos of various size tarps:


    Often times, for me, a picture is worth a thousand words. When manufacturers specify how big their tarps are, it really doesn’t mean much to me other than giving me a relative idea of which one is bigger.

    In order to help any of you other hangers out there, who might be similarly “dimensionally limited,” I took some pictures of various tarps along with an original "Darien" style hammock ( so you can get some idea of how much coverage each tarp offers.

    First tarp is the factory standard tarp that came with my Hennessey ultralite backpacker asym classic hammock (

    Next up is the Sportsman’s Guide Emergency Shelter (ON THE BOTTOM) with the original "Darien" style hammock and the Hennessey asym tarp on top. (Here is my review of the Sportsman’s Guide Emergency Shelter:

    Next is my 4.5 X 3 meter DD XL tarp (with the original "Darien" style hammock on top) ON TOP of the Sportsman’s Guide Emergency Shelter. (Here is my review of the DD tarp:

    Last, is my Warbonnet Outdoors Superfly tarp ON TOP of the DD tarp.

    When I compare the coverage area of the DD XL tarp to the Superfly, it verifed my impression that the DD tarp is HUGE! My silnylon $130 Superfly weighs 19 ounces, and the $80 coated polyester DD XL tarp tips the scales at a whooping 47.5 ounces (250% heavier than the Superfly).

    When I first started hammock camping, I really had no idea as to why folks were in such a dither about having multiple tarps. Now that I have been doing this awhile I can see the rationale: Hennessey tarp for Spring & Summer weekend trips; Superfly for three season multi-day trips; DD XL tarp for winter hammocking or group outings…particularly when you have a limited distance to hike to reach your camp site.

    Now if I could just win the lottery so that I could buy a cuben Winter collection would be complete

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    Nice pictorial WalksInDark. Tarps are certainly an ongoing obsession, and that's ok!

    I'd stuck with the stock tarp on both my HH and my Clark until last year when I got my son into hanging, needed more coverage to handle both hammocks so got a JRB 11x10. Did the same floor coverage comparison of the different tarps and had the same reaction as you.

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