Ok, here's round 2 of the great San Diego hangout.

1pm, Sunday May 18.

BBQ: I am volunteering to bring and cook Carne Asada if there's enough people. I'm in for: Carne, Tortillas, Salsa, cilantro.

Somebody could bring a bag of chips, misc drinks (soda, water, whatever).

I figure we can geek out for an hour or two...

Harry Griffin Park La mesa, CA


Once you enter the park, drive about 100 yards, and the road turns left. On your right is a picnic area with tables, BBQ's, etc. and some nice trees.
I'll be there around noon, and look for a spot. It's a busy weekend destination, so parking could be tight... Look for the hammock!

BTW: Could anybody use a free DIY 2x4 construction portable hammock stand that probably needs a little TLC? I have no use for it, and it's inviting termites.

If there's interest, I built a turtledog stand, but I won't carry it unless somebody wants to see it.

I will bring my ridgerunner, superfly, DIY hammock, 2 UQ's, pillow, etc. Anybody under 250# is welcome in my gear...